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They dated for two and a half years, broke up 5 years ago, have many mutual friends.
People who live in other countries can grow homesick very quickly, or over a period of years.

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But when Sue Finley started getting death threats, all bets were off.The blonde spitfire was everything he'd ever wanted -- and she needed him.

“Sue’s pretty adamant about not dragging him into this.”“You know women never suspect their ex-husbands. ”A car passed, and both Chase and Jason got quiet.“Anyway,” Jason continued after a moment, “he was supposed to call me back and didn’t. “Damn, but you’ve got a chip on your shoulder.”Jason closed his eyes. I want this guy caught.”“Yeah.” Silence filled the car.“You know,” Chase remarked, “I remember a homicide detective who said when he was stumped, he read the file backward.” He held up his hand. The owner’s wife said he was a down-on-his-luck artist. I’m going to go over and interview the owners of the Saturn.”Chase frowned. Her heart hadn’t stopped feeling pinched since she and Jason made love.“So, what do you think? It took Sue a second to remember what they’d been talking about. Thinking could be detrimental to her mental health.

“You didn’t eat the casserole your grandmother sent over, did you? Sue studied her mother’s suggestive neckline and decided to buy another Wonderbra.“You didn’t eat that casserole, did you? Since Grandpa had to have his stomach pumped, I flush everything. ” the voice squeaked through the line.“Only on paper. Great.”Her mother pitched the mail on the island and positioned the gold box on the counter.

Her mother’s perfectly plucked eyebrows shot upward. ”“It’s for my book.” But her mother wasn’t too far off target. Paul, who had lots of great traits, even if kissing wasn’t one of them.“It didn’t work out.” She bounced her toe against the cabinet.

“There’s still the cover artist, but now that we know the jerk broke into her computer files, it doesn’t have to be someone who’s read her manuscript. “I’m not completely ruling him out.”“Have they found the stolen Saturn that followed you yet? Still, I didn’t look at him seriously because he’s in New York.

There hasn’t been any useful publicity since the first incident.” He bent the edge of the file and then flipped it back up. He would have the know-how to break into her computer.”“I know,” Jason agreed. I even spoke to the guy who took the report on the Saturn to see if I could get information. He read his list of suspects: the agent, the cover artist, the ex-husband He moved to the background on Fritz; then, frowning, he looked at the information about the Saturn and the notes he’d taken down that night. Jason flipped back to his original list of suspects.“Shit,” Jason said. I might have found something.”CHAPTER THIRTY“You found something? I finally got contact info on the man but I haven’t had any luck contacting him. The editor said he’d contracted out, which means he might not even live in New York. ”“Because I wasn’t here to help you.” Chase smiled.