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Linq to sql view not updating

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Create entity classes that are based on database tables or views by dragging tables or views from Server Explorer/Database Explorer onto the LINQ to SQL Tools in Visual Studio.

The O/R Designer generates the classes and applies the specific LINQ to SQL attributes to enable LINQ to SQL functionality (the data communication and editing capabilities of the Data Context).

In addition to the steps for displaying the data from the table, the steps for binding data to a LINQ query are also provided.

Finally, the steps for using stored procedures to replace the default LINQ to SQL logic for sending updates from the entity classes to the database are provided.

Below are the first three parts of my LINQ to SQL series: In today's blog post I'll cover how we we can use the data model we created earlier, and use it to update, insert, and delete data.

I'll also show how we can cleanly integrate business rules and custom validation logic with our data model.

The pane on the right is the methods pane that displays the As noted earlier, by default the save button is not enabled, and save functionality is not implemented.

For classes in an inheritance hierarchy, Insert On Submit( is not in the identity cache.In other words, an entity class can have only a 1:1 mapping relationship with a database table or view.Complex mapping, such as mapping an entity class to multiple tables, is not supported.For detailed information about LINQ to SQL classes, see The LINQ to SQL Object Model.The O/R Designer is a simple object relational mapper because it supports only 1:1 mapping relationships.object reachable by way of tracked objects in the graph.