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ALT-Singles, Swinger und Paare einschließlich Amateuren, Dominas und Herrinnen auf der Suche nach totalem Machtaustausch.

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Here are a few ground rules for breaking up with your booty caller…

RULE #1: Ask yourself: Why am I breaking up with him? So before you break it off, take a moment to ask yourself why you’re dumping him.

Scrolling around Charlie Williams’s new app, Cuddlr — proudly billed as the “Tinder for cuddling” — you get the sense that maybe Williams hasn’t spent a whole lot of time online.

They provide company, they’re pleasant to look at (at least according to you, but probably not your friends), and they’re good for your mental health.

That’s what makes it so darn exciting, getting the most out of him while he lasts.

So what happens when your interest in you FB finally goes limp?

Most importantly, their very existence in your life all but guarantees you’ll get laid.

But the definition of FB also connotes impermanence.