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Screenupdating false not working vba

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Say you wanted to show the name of the current record being updated/actioned, you can do the following: Where str Record Name (just as an example) is a variable holding the persons name of that record.

If the person was "John Citizen" and this is stored in the variable str Record Name, the userform will show, "Updating record for John Citizen...".

This presents some interesting coding when working with tables, and can be problematic, aka headache-inducing. [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub Resize Table Rows Based On Another() ‘/// Set misc variables Set WS = This Workbook. Delete End If ‘/// Ensure source table has data range If lo Get. Add i Step Next i Step ‘/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ‘/// At this point the table is restructured, and the formulas which were ‘/// there are re-populated ‘/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// End Sub[/sourcecode] This example will add a single column. Number 0 Then ‘something prevented the column from being added Exit For End If End If Next i Step On Error Go To 0 ‘/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ‘/// At this point the table is restructured, and the formulas which were ‘/// there are re-populated ‘/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// End Sub[/sourcecode] It’s always best to work with actual table range referernces. Data Body Range Is Nothing Then If Msg Box(“Data range has been deleted.

* Check the links at the bottom of the post for additional information on these topics. Worksheets(s Sheet Name) ‘/// Set two tables, one to set (destination) ‘/// and one to resize from (source) Set lo Set = WS. List Objects(s Table Name2) ‘/// Delete destination table data If Not lo Set. Data Body Range Is Nothing Then Msg Box “The source table has no data stucture.”, vb Exclamation, “ERROR! While I am very hesitant to code something like this, here is an example. While you can access the range object of the underlying worksheet, it gets tough. [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub List Table Parts() ‘/// Set misc variables Set WS = This Workbook.

All these small details matter, that's why I asked for a small workbook sample.

There is a variation of the connection string that we've tested for 2007/2010 files that works as [email protected] Zhang More importantly, it seems the tab name (in the square brackets, with the $ at the end) has some funny restrictions that I can't seem to locate at the moment. The Jet OLEDB drivers have a memory leak when reading Excel (all versions, and the predecessor ODBC drivers): you're going to get error messages about available memory if you do this more than once in any user session. This is great if the Excel file your reading from is intended as a data source for validation.

The problem with both i Devlop's and Ashok's answers is that the fundamental problem is an Excel design flaw (apparently) in which the Open method fails to respect the Application. Consequently, setting it to False is of no benefit to this problem.

If Patrick Mc Donald's solution is too burdensome due to the overhead of starting a second instance of Excel, then the best solution I've found is to minimize the time that the opened workbook is visible by re-activating the original window as quickly as possible: Dim Temp Wk Bk As Workbook Dim Current Win As Window Set Current Win = Active Window Set Temp Wk Bk = Workbooks. Activate 'Allows only a VERY brief flash of the opened workbook Temp Wk Bk. Visible = False 'Only necessary if you also need to prevent 'the user from manually accessing the opened 'workbook before it is closed.

The code works great on books I have already opened and saved.

Confusing I know, long story short I need code to force the auto macro to run before the copy and paste in my macro.